Getting Started

tumblr_mh53pyQfkj1s4pxv0o1_400_largeWelcome to my Health and Fitness Blog! You will learn secrets to eating healthy, transforming your body, and how it works. I bet you’re telling yourself, “I already know what I need to know about being healthy” or “Ugh, working out is boring” or maybe, “It’s too much time and money to be healthy.” False, false, and false. There are many myths out there that will tell you counting calories is the way to go, or you can do or eat whatever you want after you go to the gym, or healthy food does’t taste good. With my expertise as a Certified Fitness Trainer, I will take you to your ultimate goal.

If you want to get in the habit of eating correctly, or exercising, everyone needs to understand how and why your body even needs it and why it is all necessary. Being healthy is not something you can do for a month before you go on vacation. It is a lifestyle that should be an enjoyable experience, and should be excited to eat that grilled chicken or sweat until you can’t move. It’s a natural rush, a form of stress relief, or a way to have fun while getting in shape!

With my at home work outs, eating on a budget, and myths and facts about the human body, you will never turn back to your old bad habits and realize what it means to live a healthy life…forever.

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