Be Strong.

tumblr_mf7cbw710B1r2zyogo1_500_largeWhen I train my clients, the biggest challenge is trying to find a time where we can both meet. In this case I will give them at home work outs to do on their own when there is a time crunch. Being that most of us lead busy lives and seem to be “too tired” (I see it as just being too lazy) to head to the gym to work out, we can at least meet half way and work out at home. There are NO EXCUSES to not get up off you’re butt and be active!! Using household items as a weight if you do not own any will have the same impact as well.


Chest (Pectoralis Major):

Chest Press: Lay on the floor with a 2 jugs of milk, starting with elbows on the floor and forearms straight up forming a 90 degree angle in the elbow insertion. Slowing raise your arms straight up, then slowly back down. Keeps your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and  thinking of pressing your belly button into the floor in order to maintain a natural arch in your back.


Cobra: NO EQUITMENT! Start lying on your stomach with your hands positioned beneath your shoulders and legs extended behind you. Feet should be resting on the ground. Gently press your hips into the floor and lift you chest, while making sure not to lift your hips off the floor. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds, then come back to beginning position.


Lateral Raise: Depending on your strength, you can use 2 soup cans or the milk jugs again. Hold one can in each hand. Stay standing with knees soft. (Not locked out). Arms are by your side, and raise your arms to the side of you up to ypur shoulders, then lower. Keep elbows soft as well, do not straighten them completely (that will cause injury).

Latissimus Dorsi:

Bent Over Row: Grab 2 water bottles, again, depending on strength, you can wither use the 16 oz water bottles, or the bigger ones up to a gallon. Bend over to about 120 degree angle, straight back, knees slightly bent. Hold the water bottles right in front of you and pull them back. Think of your shoulder blades touching and elbows stright back, not out to the side. Do this exercise in 10 repitions, 3 times.

Muscles that twitch fast…?

There’s these fibers that we have called, Fast Twitch Muscle fibers. The produce high force output for long periods. We can call these “couch potato fibers.” They are most prevelent in sedentary individuals. Maybe so they can cope in emergency situations while they sit on the couch with a bag of salty potato chips (LOL). Reseach has chown that 16% of a sedentary person’s total muscle mass is of this fiber type. Activities such as  power skipping, bounding, and any sort of jumping is in this category. These are called plyometrics, which is a good way to target all muscle groups.

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