Breast’s and Pec’s

why-women-cant-afford-to-avoid-chest-training_bsm2The Pectoralis Major is a msucle that most woman think that only men need to work out.  But why should women work out their pec’s (if you even knew that you even have pec’s), if we already have breasts? Well, in my opinion, women should be doing more chest owrkouts than men. It incorporates more of a full upper bosy workout, including, shoulders and triceps to create nicely toned arms. You know that stubborn “armpit fat” as my clients have called it? Right inbetween the chest and arm pit that I get a lot of wuestions on how to lose that fat. Train your CHEST! No part of your body is more or less important than the others. They work as a unit and each should get the same amount of attention as the next. I know ladies think that if they work their pec’s they will look like bodubuilers. Not the case whatsoever. Bodybuilders have very little body fat, therefore, their chest comes off looking somewhat manly. In other cases, exercising your pectoralis major can help protect vital organs such as your heart and lungs. Not the mention it can help perk up those breasts!

The action is for horzontal adduction and extention.

Bar Dips (reach shoulder, tricep, and pectoralis major): Place palms facing and elbows pointling directly back of either to bars (or a flat surface if at home). Position you body direstly between the bars (or seat, floor, etc). Then  make sure o inhale on the downward phase an exhale on the upward phase.

Just remember that your Pectoralis Major is a muscle too…they need your attention!

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