The Weider System

The Weider System is a training principle created by Joe Weider about 50 years ago. It is a program for bodybuilders and athletes to create their own workout routines. It will give you the knowledge of:

1)Principles to help your training cycle

2)Principles to help you arrange your exercises in each workout

3) Principles to help you perform each exercise.

According to Weider, workouts must be broken up into strength training, and mass or competition cycles. His idea of alternating sets instead of sticking to one movement is important. He advises that one should do supersets which involves alternating exercises that use a different muscle. Such as triceps and biceps, with little or no rest in between. He also uses the concept of “forced reps.” Even if you cannot finish your last repetition, you can still benefit from it, especially if you have a spotter or someone to help you finish. The whole thought process of his system is that over time, a person will realize what works best for their body, because everyone’s muscles, and body types are different.

The fact that you are training at all assumes:

1)You are going to grow (Overcompensation Principle)

2)Your are going to train regularly

I suggest to follow the Weider System, even if you are not a person who works our regularly. It will show you what body parts need more work, what is weak or strong, and what exercises are most effective. I use this technique just about every time I go to the gym!

P.S. Get ready for an upcoming Food and Fitness event taken place at Iona College!!

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