Zig-Zaggin’ Your Way to Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

With this “zig”Zag Approach” to losing weight and gaining muscle, studies have shown that both the elite athlete and the coach potato can benefit!  A permanently decreased Basal Metabolic Rate would mean that a dieter would not burn calories as rapidly and might therefore REgain the lost pounds or have real problems shedding more pounds. Your BMR represents the minimum amount of energy needed to keep your body functioning, including inhaling, exhaling and keeping your heart beating.

Bigger muscles burn more calories than smaller muscles!!! They also weight more than fat, so don’t always have the scale as your right hand man. I cannot stress enough the importance of weight training, especially when trying to increase you BMR. The more muscle, the higher your BMR, and therefore, the more calories you will burn by doing absolutely nothing!

Here is the Zig-Zig Approach in Action

-Increase your total body weight by losing fat, and gaining muscle: 4-5 days a week (including training days), add 2 calories per pound of lean body weight to your daily caloric intake.

Step away from the scale and instead, focus on how you look and feel in your jeans.


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