Are you an Endomorph?

Everyone’s bosy weight, shape and size are all unique to who you are. What most people do not understand, is genetics plays a huge role when it comes to your body type, and losing, or gaining weight. There are three body types to classify these when making decisions on food and workout choices. They and ENDOMORPHS, MESOMORPH and ECTOMORPH.Today, I will focus on the Endomorphs.

These are the people with a rouder shape body and have extra weight that they may be carrying around. Endomorphs can gain weight easily and have a slower metabloism than most.
The nutrition factors for endomorphs include:
-Keep fat intake LOW
-Eliminate alcohol and soda drinks from your diet
-Eating smaller, frequent meals keeps your blood sugar level and metabolism up, and controls appetite

Training Periodization:
-Higher ratio of cardio activites such as brisk walking, stationary cycle, and treadmill or stair climber to avoid stress to joints.
-Develop a total body workout to burn more calories
-Keep your range from 9-12 reps for upper body and 12-25 rep range for legs and calves
-Ultimate training goal is to speed up the metabolism, minimize bodyfat.

For every different bosy type, comes a different nutrition and training program. Find out YOUR specific bosy type and how to improve upon it. Your weaknesses should not be weaknesses, but something you should see as a challenge to strive for excellence.

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