Are You an Ectomorph?


An ectomorph is your typical skinny guy. They tend to have a light build and long and lengthy bones and muscles. 

Typical Traits of Ectomorphs:

  • Thin
  • Fast Metabolism
  • “Hardgainer”
  • Small frame and bone structure
  • Hard to gain weight

Being that ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, this  leads to it much harder for them to gain weight. They can digest and burn calories faster than your typical endomorph. In order for ecto’s to gain weight, they need to take in large amounts of calories. 

As a “hardgainer” most of these people are looking to gain muscle, which might be rather difficult since, they burn away necessary elements they need in order to build. For optimal results, focus on superset workouts; workouts focusing on more than one muscle group. When it comes to cardio, it will depend on the person, and their immediate goals. Overall, keep cardio in your weekly routine, but to a minimum. 2-3 times a week, do some light cardio for 20 minutes.

Do not get discouraged! Gaining muscle will not be a short process. The worst thing you could do is overtrain. So be patient and with time and consistency, your goals will be reached.

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