Who is ‘Miss Perfect?’

In today’s society, it seems that women are being more and more objectified in the media.  65% of women in America have had an eating disorder. What does that tell us? What is this conception of being ‘Miss Perfect?’ This is an important issue that needs to be discussed.

If the media has some business in creating the idea of the perfect body, young girls in begin to believe that their value lies in what their bodies look like. This can only lead them to feeling disempowered and they are not good enough.

A strong need for school campaigns in efforts to show teenagers that all women are beautiful no matter what the shape and size. Women are constantly judged by the way they look. No matter how intelligent, how skilled, or how funny a girl may be, the shape of their bodies and the how pretty their face is will be the ultimate decision.

Our bodies are our sanctions. We must treat them with respect and understand that we are all built differently. Respect yourself, and others will respect you. Don’t ever be discouraged by what a magazine cover might tell you how to look. It is important to take care of your body. Feed it, strengthen it, respect it.

We see in movies, ads, and commercials that big boobs, small waist and a big butt is what will make us special. The only option is to try to put ourselves in the skin of others.

Be the Inspiration. Be the Hero.

“You can’t be what you can’t see.” -Marian Wright Edelman

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