Always Making Gains

Hypertrophy: An INCREASE in the SIZE of an ORGAN due to SWELLING of the INDIVIDUAL CELLS

Training can be confusing and important points that people miss. To start with the basics of the scientific names, hypertrophy is the enlargement of your muscles. Therefore, for anyone who works out, your body is going through this, just may be at different levels depending on your goals and training regime. However, hypertrophy focuses more on the actual size of the muscle, rather than strength. It can essentially take up to two months for muscles to achieve hypertrophy. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS,  (I spoke about in my last blog entry) occurs in each muscle fiber. Therefore, hypertrophy results from the growth of each individual muscle cell, rather than the number of cells. Strength training is the most common way to accomplish muscular hypertrophy. Being that is entry revolves more around the body builder, their most frequently used work out is a split routine. This requires a high volume of loading the muscle and repetition during training.  Then will the muscle cells thicken and bulk.

This leads me to something OT, or over training. Many have seen over training as bad thing. However, when you are frequently stimulating certain muscles, for those who it is a bit harder to make gains, will benefit you.  I would not advocate an untrained person to over train and do frequent training, but a person who is used to training, can gain from the increase in stimuli when training a body part more than once or twice a week. In order to continue making gains, you must do more reps or more volume. The basic principle to building is to overload. You become more effective in, for example, squatting when squatting more often. This is where, practice makes perfect, or practice makes gains comes in.

People will say how they feel during a training session effects the rest of their workouts for the week. However, there are many other variables that could effect your performance on your training cycle. We do not want to blame overtraining on the rest of the cycle, when in fact the progress could be hindered by partying, decrease in sleep, or work stresses.

So if you are trying to gain muscle mass, I highly suggest working the muscle more often…get to work!

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