Condition Your Metabolism

If you were to understand one thing when it comes to health, learn about your metabolism. To put it simply, it means change. It is all of the chemical processes that occur on the body that are necessary for life maintenance. There are three main “foodstuffs” of macros that get processed in the body; fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. But first, lets look at the two types of metabolism:

Energy Metabolism: when your foodstuffs are turned into energy from burned oxygen. It is studying how energy flows and is processed through the body and the breakdown of essential macromolecules, carbohydrates, protein, and fats for proper physical activity, muscle repair and growth. 

Tissue Metabolism: the process by which foodstuffs are changed to make new tissue. 

Your body can easily metabolize a moderate amount of fatty foods. However, when you eat a meal high in fat, or in general have a high fat diet, the fat circulates throughout your bloodstream for a prolonged period of time and depending on your health standing, will depend on how long it stays in your system.

In a study held on fat metabolism with a group of well conditioned males and unconditioned males fasted overnight. The next morning they all drank 1.5 pints of heavy cream.Blood coutns were then taken every few hours to compare how fast the fat was metabolized. The conditioned subjects lowered their overall fat back to normal within four short hours. The poorly conditioned subjects took up to ten hours to metabolize. 

For an ideal healthy fat metabolism, one should take on a low-fat diet as well as aerobic exercise. 

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