Be Fearless

What inspires you to stop postponing your dreams and to step up and live your life to the fullest? Playing it safe is overrated. There is so much more to life than what meets the eye. No matter what age, young or old, we should always have goals to aim for that keep us moving in life. There must be a constant motion in our brains and hearts to keep

No one person has lived the same life. Some of us have been through extreme circumstances, and some not as extreme. In the words of my grandmother,  every experience, “Builds character.” However, this character can be built strong or weak. Take every one of life experiences and find the positive meaning of it.

BE FEARLESS and let your voice be heard, even if no one hears you. Say what your think and do what you feel is right. We only live once so LIVE IT. If you’re contemplating a plunge, take it. What’s the worse that could happen? Maybe you won’t win the show, get the job, or make the team. But remember, use it to your advantage. It is NOT a failure; it is a chance to better yourself. You had the guts to go for it and came so far, but maybe came a little too short. Here is your motivation to prove to YOURSELF, not anyone else, that you can make it. You deserve the best of what life has to offer. So take the offer up and don’t let an opportunity pass you by.

If you have a feeling in your heart, go with it. Faith in yourself is key. If you do not believe in yourself, who else will? Find where your courage comes from and know that in the end, you did all you could have done. Mental practice will help you overcome many obstacles in life. If you can get over down talk in your head, you can conquer anything and be happy with your life.

Always be at work. Every second, minute and hour counts towards a better you. To grow as humans, we need to take some risks. So don’t fear them. Those risks are there to help you. You owe it to yourself to take these opportunities. Put on your big girl or boy britches and JUST DO IT. Spend your time wisely and don’t hold back.

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