Healthy 4 Life

What are the foods that are necessary for our age? In our 20s we are too swamped at our new job to eat right. In our 30s we are too busy with the new baby. In our 40s maybe we are just too settled in our ways to change our habits. Here is some tips and advice to fuel a more positive you for a super easy summer.

Now that you have started your first real job, making new friends and can legally drink, your last priority is your eating habits. To fit in with your lifestyle, choose healthy convenience foods. Make wise food decisions. AS far as the drinks, stay away from the sugary margaritas and martinis. Try out some tasty light beers.

Your Key Nutrients

Protein: Thanks to easy and on the go snacks, most usually fall short in this department. Protein provides the building blocks in order to make and build muscle.
Potassium: This nutrient is vital for the heart and muscles to function properly. Eat two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of veggies a day to get your daily needs.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to find time for yourself. Find a healthy meal that you truly love and make it something to look forward to each day. Taking care of YOUR health is very important too. Dropping 10 percent of your weight can decrease the risk of diseases. 

Your Key Nutrients

Phytonutrients: These contain antioxidants, which help slow down the aging process. They come from plants, dark chocolate, coffee and red wine. Watermelon is filled with lycopene, an antioxidant to protect against cancer. 
Iron:Not enough iron (pumpkin seeds, breakfast cereal, and lean beef) can make you become drained. Make sure you get your daily dose of around 18 milligrams to help you get through the day.


By this time in your life, you have figured out what works and what doesn’t. But being able to conquer your diet dilemmas is essential. Your needs now are different than they used to be. Begin by dropping your calorie intake by one percent (about one extra cookie) and revving up your metabolism by eating very three to four hours.

Your Key Nutrients

Fiber: It makes you fuller longer and helps reduce cholesterol levels. Look for soluble foods from fruits, oats and vegetables, as well as non soluble such as whole wheat.
Calcium: Menopause can lead to a decline in bone building estrogen. And as we tell our kids ‘We need strong bones!’ During this time, our stomach does not absorb all of the calcium that we may take in. Therefore try to take in around 1,000 milligrams a day.

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