Metabolism 101


free weights

Metabolism can be a tricky subject. Everyone is different and reacts to different diet and lifestyle strategies in order to get their oat optimal results. But are you sabotaging you metabolism? 

The average women needs between 1,400-2,000 calories depending on activity level. If you are doing hour long sessions of cardio and skimping on calories, you could be sending your body into a slowed down calorie burn with a  reverse effect. 

The idea is to take in the minimum amount of calories your body needs for everyday functions (AKA: BASAL METABOLIC RATE). For easy referral, here is a website to use to calculate what you should be taking in. 


I highly encourage building muscle to help rev up metabolism. We are constantly burning calories, even when doing nothing. So we want to speed up that process by adding more muscle because they require more energy use. Our muscle use around 6 calories a day to simply sustain itself. Therefore, when muscles are activated during and after exercise, our body will have a higher BMR. 



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