Sweat Fast

As kids we would be all sweaty of the playground playing kickball, softball, or dodgeball. As we got older, we now discovered lifting weights and became a slave to treadmill, sweating our butts off (literally). But what really is sweat, and does it even matter?

Well, first off, when our hearts begin to beat faster as we exercise, it pumps blood to the muscles groups being used and sends oxygen to them (in short). With all of this said, we body is working extra hard and our internal temperature is rising, and our silky skin begins to turn to sweaty, smelly skin. FUN FACT: This mechanism came into good use for our ancestors in  a fight or flight experience when trying to run from predators and the skin would deb too slippery to hold onto.

*Can we reduce anxiety sweat?

#1. IF YOU’RE SWEATING BECAUSE YOUR WORRIED ABOUT SWEATING OVER YOUR ANXIETY, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! Don’t see sweat as the enemy. If you don’t think or worry about sweating, it puts less stress on you mentally and physically, and you will perspire less.

*Why does sweat smell?

We have the most sweat glands in our arm pits, palms of our hands and feet. We either sweat water or oils that give off a stench from our arm pits. Some of us have over active sweat glands so we might smell more, or under active sweat glands or we might smell less. For better smelling feet, take your socks and shoes off every now and then. Just make sure you clean your feet afterward because you may pick up a stenchy bacteria from walking around barefoot.

And my favorite question….

*Does sweat have a connection to calories burned?

From Steve Cohen, M.D., a dermatologist at Montefiore Medical NYC,explains that indirectly sweat has a connection. When we do the do same exercise every time we workout, our body does not have to work as hard after a while. The same applies with sweat. Once it accommodates the heat that we generate, our bodies have a better idea of how to control it and produces less perspiration. BOTTOM LINE: Change up your workouts for maxim calorie burn.

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>If your perspiration interferes with your day to day life, see a doctor and they will most likely diagnose you.

>IF antiperspirant doesn’t work, consider Botox injections.

>Iontophoresis- a treatment using currents that are not painful, but a little startling. See link for more information.


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