Thought I would take the time to give you some quick and easy recipe ideas for different occasions. Trust me, I never thought I was a chef at all but once I started and wanted to be able to cook more than chicken and pasta for my boyfriend, it came very easy.

1. Instant Date Dinner


Grilled chicken~olives~feta cheese~leafy greens

Serve over couscous and some white wine!




2. Food on the Road13739986074_a1de8fa155_b



Mixed greens~scallions~ carrots~cucumbers~mushrooms~cilantro~spicy peanut dressing



3.At Work

Turkey breast~whole wheat bread~ lettuce~tomatoes~onions~green peppers~pickles~olivesphotos.demandstudios.com-getty-article-240-134-183942774_XS


*Space out your meals in the workplace respectively.



Flour tortilla~black beans~shredded cheese~salsa~lettuce

^Choose fish of choice and layer to make a delicious fish taco!mercadito_560


Choose with confidence! And be careful with certain ingredients and allergies.

BE PATIENT with cooking skills. It is very simple, but see what tastes mix well based on food choices.

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