Inspire Your Life

Learning over the years, and growing into a young lady, I have seen many places (still have much more to see), met many people (still much more to meet) and adventured out of my comfortability (and much more to adventure through). Between all of these experiences, I have realized it all makes me the person I am today. My experiences in life have shaped my personality and the decisions I make. There is no doubt I will only keep changing with the more people  meet, places I go, and responsibilities I have. But I will FOREVER be, well, me.

CHANGE YOUR LIFEBut what gives us as humans that passion and inspiration in life to keep going; to keep pushing forward when nothing seems to be going right. We may turn to books, movie stars, inspiring quotes and videos that may help us with that initial jump start. But what really keeps that dream alive? No magazine, TV show or friend will get you to those goals.

Here are some simple weekly goals that can become something even bigger.

1. I can succeed by gutting support.

2. I can make smarter food choices.

3.I won’t become a slave to my scale.

4.I can look for ways to burn more calories.

5.I can make changes and stick with them.

6. I can walk my dog around the block, again.

7. I can do things differently this time.

8.I can push myself further.

9. I can prove myself to myself.

You are more powerful than you think. From this point on, YOU are your motivation. The only person that will actively be able to change you yourself. Realize that you are beautiful AND smart. You can do whatever you set your mind to. In life, we want to grow as people and become better. So do something every single day that will help you do that. Keep in mind the importance of loving yourself, and not letting others make decisions for you that you might not agree with or want to do. Be your own person and LOVE LIFE.

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