The question isn’t can a weight loss program change your life, but can YOU?


Part of what I do as a trainer and nutrition consultant, is I create a unique meal prep and training program fit just for you. It is a plan that will help you loss weight and a healthy and gradual way when committing to a reduced calorie, low fat diet that can help you loss body fat percentage. My programs are meant to be in place and be changing based on ones body and become a lifestyle change. So instead of wanting to loss 10 pounds, how about 15?

How does it work? My programs work to help you absorb food in a different way, and raise you metabolism. The goal is to take the foods you eat, and still include them in your meal plan. Have  macronutrient numbers to hit everyday (protein, fat, carbohydrate) along with tracking fiber, sugar and calorie intake. Fiber is especially important for the digestive tract and being able to go to the bathroom. Yes, poop is a good thing!! With both training and diet, and a healthy lifestyle, you can change your body in just 12 weeks!

What’s the plan? The plan is here for you with an individualized online action plan. I provide guidance on health and how to adapt the program to your life.

Am I ready? You can’t just try the program, you have to commit to it, you have to challenge yourself, work hard, and change what you eat. If you think you are ready, please email me at and check out my social media.


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