Thoughts on My 1st Figure Competition

Just about a year ago, I began to contemplate entering an NPC show. (For those who don’r know, it is the National Physique Conference, in which competitors enter and are judged on their muscle tone, muscularity, symmetry, etc.) I was nervous that I wouldn’t be up to the standards as everyone else or that I would let people down. But after thinking about it, I thought, what is there to lose? Of course if I don’t do well, I will be upset with myself. But if I do well, I would be more than happy. So I graduated college on May 17, and started dieting for  a show on May 18.

The journey: Throughout the process I saw major improvements. I was still strong,but  eating less than normal and using the ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ diet, and still losing body fat. But my mindset was always, I don’t look good enough. There were both pros and cons to the process. It definitely was not easy. It took a lot mentally to get through it. Everyone would tell me, don’t compare yourself to others, just do it for you! And I was. I did it for me. But when the whole purpose of the show is to go up on stage and be compared on your body against the other girls, it makes that thought process kind of difficult.

Now for the good stuff!

I learned A LOT about myself during this journey.Besides worrying about my appearance, it was incredible to me to see how the body is able to change and grow with effort. Enough was never enough. I always saw more potential in myself than I had ever thought. I was proud of how far I had come.


The IIFYM diet was a much better way for me to diet. I was able to eat food, and not completely cut everything out. 12 weeks was maybe just a little bit too short, but I did well in my show.

Keeping a positive mind throughout the whole experience is key. It can get difficult at times, you will have people calling you obsessive and crazy, but just remember, they can’t do what you’re doing. It takes a certain type of person with drive, will power, and self motivation in order to succeed. Also having a strong support system of family and friends is extremely important. If you don’t have people putting you up, it will only make it that much more difficult.

This route in the fitness world is not simple. You must have a strong mind AND body. But always remember to never do anything if you do not want it for yourself . Let your inner beauty always come first and do not let imperfections get to you.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED competing and cannot wait to get back up on stage. Just don’t let the mirror or the scale become an enemy.

Here are some of my contest photos:





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