Fit and Busy

Professional Advice: Before you start a workout regime, consult a health professional. You will need to know if you are able to perform high impact activities and what is most beneficial for you. Coaches and trainers can answer all of your training questions. Also, get advice on the best sports bra for you. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting sports bra when you’re working out.

Dress Up your food in a Healthy way: a small improvement you can make in your nutrition plan while you may still be very busy is to try healthier and lighter dressings. Find foods that have antioxidants, phytonutrients and promote ongoing health.

Break Time: Giving yourself time to breath is very important. Get yourself organized and break up your week with a  little leisure time. Take a dive in the pool and take care of the essentials. Go out with friends, go to the movies, ride bikes. Whatever it is that will distress you from your chaotic life.

No excuses: Make going to the gym non negotiable. Have a set time to go 4 times a week. Join a club to motivate yourself to go work out. No gym? Try sprints outside. HIIT cardio is the most optimal form of cardio for fat loss.

Have your cake and be fit too: Bonding over food is part of our social life. But try to find a balance. You don’t need to deprive yourself. Give yourself a cheat meal (MEAL not cheat DAY) every now and again, but always remember to get back on track.

Music Tip!

Plan your workout to your music! Listening to highly motivating music will keep you going with intensity. You will be more likely to stick to your training with sessions.

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