• A.M. MEALS

MP9102210901-300x199The biggest mistake I see with people’s diet is skipping breakfast. It is hard to believe, but not eating won’t help you lose weight. It might feel a little strange eating a heartier breakfast at first, but I promise, it will work! You will feel more energetic, happy, and ready for your day. And after front-loading your food, you won’t be as hungry toward the night time when it is typical for us to binge after a hectic day. After a week, you will begin to convert your ways, and not skimp on breakfast.


Being able to reverse your diet (bigger meals in the morning and during the day and smaller at night, rather than consuming your daily calories just at night, will take a little bit of adjusting. Try not to “hoard” all your calories for dinner. Make the time in your day to kind of reverse your daily intake.

*And don’t forget the importance of strength training!

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