School of Fat Loss

Ok, so it is almost that time of year. Bathing suit season. So many people (male and female) have approached me asking how they can loss weight, and fast. Well, there is the healthy way to loss weight which does require patience, and the quick, but very unhealthy way. So here are some little nuggets to help you lose weight the HEALTHY way!

1) Best Way to Lose Body Fat

As many studies have shown, the best way and most obvious way to lose weight is by caloric restriction. That, along side its partner and crime, exercise! The good ol’ traditional way to lose body fat is diet and working out. However, this can become unhealthy when done excessively. Meaning, excessive training and obsessing over restricting calories. This needs to be done in the most healthy way possible by slowly restricting food. This does not mean starvation either. This diet needs to become part of you. No matter what your goals are, you are what you eat. So make healthy choices and you will BE healthy.

2) Maintain Metabolism with High Protein

Keeping your protein intake high during a low carb diet, can help maintain your metabolic rate. It will also prevent hunger when you might be at a caloric deficit.

3) Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diets can help suppress appetite. When carbohydrates are removed, this will remove sugar (your main energy source). Therefore, when sugars are low, the body utilizes FATTY ACIDS. This process is then called; ketosis=the presence of ketones. In a recent study, subjects that were on ketogenic diets consistently lost more weight than those ingesting more carbs.

However, insulin is vital to gaining muscle. So if you are on a ketogenic diet and eating higher fats and lower carbs, don’t be surprised if you notice a decrease in strength.

4)Low-Glycemic Index Foods

Foods that are lower in their G.I. (glycemic index) rev up energy levels for your busy day and workouts. Your glycemic index measures how fast (or slow) a carbohydrate food raises blood glucose (sugar) levels. Stick to foods such as beans, all non starchy veggies, sweet potatoes, fruit, and whole grains (breads and cereal).

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