Cheap and Easy Ways to Eat Clean

MP9102210901-300x199What exactly are the benefits of being a “clean eater?”

For starters, it can improve your health. Foods that are unprocessed and in their most natural state can be delicious, fulfilling, and SIMPLE.

What it means to “eat clean”

1.Eating plenty of veggies

2. Unprocessed lean meats (fish, chicken, humanely raised beef)

3. Whole grains

Some “clean eaters” will restrict dairy, flour, and sugar as well. However, you can always consume these and stay clean eating with basic guidelines.

The 2 Kinds of Clean Eating

*Diet Approach: 5-6 small meals a day. Focus on weight loss

*Fundamental Approach-broader concept (doesn’t track macros or calories) and just eat real food.

Tight Budget? Shop in BULK!!!! It is way more affordable to buy in big quantities. Plus you can have the option to buy as many, or as little as you want.

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