The Knee Correction Connection

77293900_XSBeing a personal trainer, I hear too many complaints on knee issues.

The key to keeping your knees safe and protected, is to keep them aligned. The knee is only as strong as the rest of your leg. If you do not take care of the whole line of the leg, you will have bad knees. You cannot just focus on that one area. The leg joints work together. So if one is thrown off, everything else will be as well. Having healthy knees is about the ankles, thighs and abdominals. Knee injuries actually stem from either hip or ankle issues. Addressing bad habits that can lead to injury and using the whole leg instead of just the knee essential.


Most humans push back into there knees when standing, placing pressure on the knees joints. They are very delicate so they must be taken seriously.


The knees should never go back behind the ankle. So if you happen to have overextended knees, this is even more crucial. STENGTHEN the legs with resistance training. This will help prevent against any knee locking. The muscles around the knee will then hold it in the correct alignment.


If you over rotate the ankle, it is not properly working with the hip joints rotation. This leaves the knee is a vulnerable position.


Find you balance. Here are some stretches and exercises to add into your weekly routine to fix placement in the body.


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