Feel the Intensity

People with health issues tend to resign themselves to lead a life of moderate to little or no activity. The idea of vigorous exercise seems out of the question. However, it is just the opposite.

Studies have proven that the effects of high intensity exercise can be more optimal that aerobic exercise for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Not only is HIIT (HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING) cardio gratifying workout, but it is safe and effective, and it aids in ‘preventing or reversing’ the deficits associated with the ailments.

In a nutshell, HIIT cardio is a burst of energy at the bodies exercise limit, followed by a period of rest and repeated in an interval fashion. Instead of a continuous movement for 20-30 minutes, it is only a 30 to 60 second exercise peak of about 80 to 90 percent of the person’s ability. This form of working out is more optimal than steady state activity because it improves ‘cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, and mechanical functions.’

HIIT will increase the bodies ability to use oxygen and insulin, as well as decreasing glucose levels in those with diabetes, as studies have shown.

It can also improve cardiovascular fustian by making blood vessels better able to expand and respond to added exertion. Blood can also flow through the arteries that are wide open much more easily.

Polish researchers found that patients with Parkinson’s disease who have trouble moving there legs and arms could benefit from high intensity workouts because it can help in relieving some stiffness and excessive muscle tone.  Studying these patients on a stationary bike for 8 weeks performing HIIT improved there lower and upper body function.

If you are interested in performing this type of training, try:

-Indoor or outdoor sprinits

– Stationary bike



-Any intense sport (e.x. soccer, football)


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