Use Weights to Keep the Weight Off!

You finally reached your goal and lost your New Years Resolution weight! Congrats! Now heres the tricky part. Keeping. It. Off. More frequently than not, people tell me how they lost all this weight by eating healthy, going to the gym, and changing their lifestyle. Thats amazing! But then a few months later, that weight came right back on faster than a freight train.  What do you do now?

First off, exercise in general, can change the body’s response to weight loss and prevent any extra weight gain.

“Calories in vs Calories out.” We all hear this, and yes, it is true and a key to losing lb’s. Exercise alone may not give you the results you are looking for, and as quickly as you are looking for without implementing the proper nutrition plan. Take in fewer calories than your body burns daily, and as I am sure you can figure out by simple math, you will drop weight.

Second, after you lose weight, your body’s metabolism slows down because you are eating less and have less body mass to use energy. Your N.E.A.T. (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) – daily movement that uses energy and calories such as standing, walking, cleaning, anything that isn’t formally exercising – also decreases after you lose weight.

A study done at the University at Alabama, showed that woman who did not exercise, generally did not move much either. Their resting metabolic rate was low, therefore, so was their N.E.A.T.

On the flip side, the women who DID exercise only had a slight drop in their resting metabolic rate and N.E.A.T.

Some women also increased their movement patterns, and with that, saw a rise in their resting metabolic rate and N.E.A.T. as well. This increase was found in the ladies that weight trained. Weight lifters also realized that movement felt easier for them. Losing weight and weight lifting both have a correlation with N.E.A.T. levels and promotes moving more throughout the day. They burn more calories outside of the gym and just during everyday activity. Now you have an even bigger incentive to clean the entire house! And along with keeping your diet in check, you should be able to stay away from any regain.

All in all, exercise is very important and strength training helps keep your resting metabolic rate high and will keep you active during your day. And then, your will burn more calories.


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Ref: Reynolds G. How Weight Training Can Help You Keep the Weight Off. The New York Times. 2015 Jan 28 [accessed 2017 Aug 14].

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