How Fitness Can Change Your Life

Adding fitness into your lifestyle can bring many positive changes in your life and well being. Work Ethic, Confidence, and Positivity are on the TOP of my list! There is nothing that compares to the feeling of beating your own personal records and growing as a human.

Work Ethic

You set goals and realize hard work can get you anywhere. When you stick to goals and are determined to reach them, that work ethic can carry over to all avenues in your life. Once you determine what it is you want to improve upon, you can then set your goals, and be the champion you are and achieve your goals with flying colors.


Pushing yourself in the gym shows you that you can achieve anything if you just set your mind to it. Not only will you improve your aesthetics, but improving your well being. Through the certainty of achieving goals; IF you apply your WORK ETHIC, you will start to believe in yourself more and more. Therefore, your confidence levels will boost once you see what you are capable of and the changes you can make all on your own.

Become a More Positive Person

Not only because of the endorphins, but your positive energy will rub off on other people because of your confidence. With these two above traits, you will have a fire in your belly to keep going and to encourage others to do the same. When you have a killer workout session, you leave the gym feeling your absolute best, and happy about life. It is a form of therapy to let out any negative aggression, and find that inner positive and motivated person!

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Yours Truly,

Alisa Marie Tarsa

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