Time Wise

Being proactive in your life will help you get things done. Enough procrastination and doing your work half ass. Here are some tips that will help you become a more productive person.

DO IT NOW – Don’t wait to get things done. Do things sooner rather than later. There is no point in waiting to do something when you can do it now and move onto the next project!
SAY NO – When you know you have work to do, don’t go out and party. Make of list of your priorities and stick to it. The party might seem fun but it is not worth the stress you feel when you know you have a lot to get done.
DIVIDE TASKS INTO CHUNKS – To not seem overwhelmed, break up tasks into smaller parts. Plan out how you will accomplish a particular goal, and chip at it little by little.
TURN OFF DISTRACTIONS – Save the iPhone, Netflix, and iPod for after you get all of your work done. Nowadays we have so many distractions. Put on some music to help you relax and stay focused, put the phone on silent and get to work. Tim

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