Review of FRÉ Skincare

I received an email from FRÉ Skincare a few months ago, asking if I would want to try out their skincare line. I agreed because, well, who would turn down a free product! And honestly, I don’t typically say yes to all these companies that reach out to me, but I loved to idea of FRÉ, and being a skincare line for women who workout and tend to sweat a bunch.

The company sent me the DETOX ME Post Workout Clearing Mask. I am almost done with the first jar that they sent me, and I absolutely love it.

First off, I love the moose and exfoliate texture of the product. I own a gym and teach dance, so even if I don’t get a workout in, I am still very much an active person and need a product at the end of the day that will unclog my pores and DETOX ME always leaves me feeling refreshed after a long day.

I don’t have oily skin, or super dry skin. I have a normal balance and it was perfect for my skin type. The mask is great for ALL skin types.

I have never actually looked forward to washing my face, until now!

Head to their website and use my code ALISA25 to receive 25% off your order!


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