Yummy Tummy

Take these tips to help you get that flat tummy you have always wanted!

How to Get a Flat Tummy


Keep the intensity of your workouts HIGH!

Compound Movements are your best friend. Why? When more muscle groups are being activated, the more calories you will burn.

Deadlifts, Squats, Thrusters (Squat with Overhead Press), Push Ups, Renegade Rows, and Kettlebell Swings, are JUST

Create Illusions: For the aesthetics of having a small waist, you can easily work on this.

  1. Work on gaining wider lats, and glutes/legs, so it will give the illusion of a smaller waist. (Stay tuned for a future video on that!)

Once you are at a point where your body fat is lower, now you can start working on more intense, and isolated abdominal workouts.


Moderation in your diet.

Energy Balances= Eating enough between all energy sources in order to achieve or maintain a stable body weight. This will differ from person to person, but making sure you have a speedy metabolism and brain function is very important to having a flat tummy.

Those who need to lose more body fat, you have to begin by cleaning up your daily eating habits, and taking in less than you’re putting out. However, I don’t suggest crash diets, because more times than none, people will gain their weight back after a crash diet. So, slowly begin to decrease calories, and once your start to lose that fat, you will be in ‘maintenance mode.”


Don’t be sedentary. Referring back to energy balances, you want to be sure you have enough energy to go about your day to day, and be a productive person in society.


Don’t forget that this all takes time. It won’t happen overnight. Create healthy habits and a healthy MINDSET.

If you need help and guidance, contact me for online coaching, personal training (Long Island based), and/or Nutritional Counseling.




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