Where My MESO’s At?!


Continued from my last blog, I will now educate about the MESOMORPH’s. These are the people that have a compact and muscular body type.

Typical Traits of Meso’s include:


-Hard Body

-Can gain muscle easily

-Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs (will discuss in later blogs)

Nutrition Guidelines:

With a high percentage of muscle, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber are essential

However, just because you are a Mesomorph and may have the upper hand, does not mean you can slack off on you’re eating regime. 

Training Plan:

The training plan can vary depending on your goals.

-High Frequency Training

-3×3 Training

-Abbreviated Training

I highly suggest weight lifting to ensure progress. High volume and supersets are important for Mesomorphs.

LADIES: Understand that using high volume/weight is NOT a bad thing and you will NOT bulk. I constantly hear women clients saying they don’t want to “bulk up, so they want to lift less weight.” Unless you are taking test supplements (I DO NOT recommend to anyone) you will not, I repeat, will not bulk! Women have estrogen, and not enough testosterone in their bodies to bulk, so you will continue to tone and get lean when using more weight. 

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